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Mediterranean Sandwich

What a busy week. Toby and I have been waiting for 3 months to hear back from the bank on our short sale property. It’s been agonizing. Initially, our agent told us that it was the price that the bank was looking for, so it would only be a matter of weeks to wrap up the deal. Worst case scenario, we would be in the house by July 1st. Fast forward to three months later, Toby and I have all but given up on the house. It’s not that we won’t eventually move in, but all the waiting gives you time to reconsider. Quite simply, there’s time to split hairs over your feelings over a property. After visiting open houses every Sunday,  you think, “Hmm, this is quite nice, and I could be in the house in less than 45 days!”  As we ventured back out, no houses caught our eye, which at the time proved to us that we had made the “right” decision on the first house. Then BAM, we found a lovely alternative. It had been on the market for six months, and every room was a riot of red, yellow, and blue, with leopard and zebra [...]

Supreme Taco Salad

This salad is a meal in itself. Supreme Taco Salad is light and refreshing, yet deceptively filling. The savory flavor is satisfying without the heaviness of meat. I have two options for you to prepare the nut meat. If you are new to raw foods, you might like to bake it for a more intense, meatier flavor. This is a great way to slowly transition into vegetarian meals.  The other option is to use a dehydrator, warming the nut meat until crispy. Something to think about: Eating raw or dehydrated foods retains 100% of the nutritional value, while cooking over 150° diminishes nutritional value of food by 50%. Whenever possible, try to eat all food in its raw and freshest state. For most meals, I enjoy a small portion of cooked food accompanied by a large green salad.  Remember, I am like most of you out there. As a child I grew up eating Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast, Butterfinger candy bars, Lemon Heads, and Watermelon flavored Now Or Laters. I was a junk food junky of the highest order. If I can happily make the change, so can you!  Supreme Taco Salad 1/2 head of romaine lettuce chopped Taco [...]

Blueberry and Nectarine Crumble with Lemon Cream

Strolling around Farmers Market really taps into my greedy, produce-hoarding nature. In my wildest dreams, there are no measured thoughts of, ” oh, I’ll just take a pound” of this or that. “Four dollars a pound? Oh, give me ten pounds. Cheers!” Wouldn’t life be so wonderful? Suddenly, another fantasy comes streaming in: Owning a farm outside of the city, of how lovely and peaceful it would be, as well as the garden being unbelievably fulfilling. Amazing as this may sound, reality strikes, and I wonder how two city kids like Toby and I (he’s from London, I’m from Los Angeles) would fare in the woods with the sound of crickets instead of ambulances blaring at all hours of the night. Childhood memories of B rated horror flicks whirl around in our heads, of grizzly bears gone wild and tempestuous termites nibbling at our bedpost in the wee hours of the night. All thoughts of going au naturel immediately fizzle out. For the moment, we love our life in the concrete jungle, with a weekly harvest (or two) of organic produce at outdoor markets. Yin and yang never felt so good. Phwoar crumble! This is a sexy minx of a [...]

Soulful Red Beans and Rice

I’ve been hankering for a another healthy soul food recipe. Red beans and rice is one of those sacred recipes from the south that is haunted by all things pork: Ham hock, andouille sausage, and bacon fat. It can be a bit of a leap of faith to leave such strong flavors behind, but I promise there is life after eating Babe for breakfast (of course we’re not talking breakfast, but you get the picture). My offering is a healthier version which is as much for the heart n’ soul as it is for the tastebuds. It is still major on flava (that’s flavor for the more dictionary inclined). I’ve upped the ante on seasoning and added a tablespoon of tomato puree, which gives a wonderful richness to the sauce. Give it a whirl and be amazed. Feel free to use dry beans by soaking overnight and cooking the next day. I have a three year old son and a husband who both grumble about the amount of time I spend in the kitchen, so I resort to organic cans of beans to save time. I often wonder how the mood would change with these two if I started warming up [...]