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Holy Guacamole

I discovered this guacamole at my favorite Hispanic market in Culver City, “Top Valu.” Before you start asking about the misspelled word, let’s just say that’s a part of the market’s funky appeal. I used to come here for the spices, then I discovered some real deals: 4 avocadoes for a dollar, 5 pounds of flavourful roma tomatoes for two bucks, 3 bunches of cilantro for a dollar. It goes on and on, with different deals every week. Although the market is deals galore, the building does have a distinct shabbiness to it, which of course I love. Over the years, I have told a few people about it, but there is a mood of, “oh Culver City, huh.” Since the recession hit, a few locals have cottoned on to it, and the place has been raking in the dough. So much so, that the market has had a bit of a facelift. Fortunately, they are still rocking the old “Top Valu” sign. I love the sense of mystery here, of discovering new things, and enjoy the cultural feel. I hang out with ladies that wear pink curlers in their hair, and we shoot the shiznit over squeezing melons. Not [...]

Black Bean Nachos with South of the Border Seitan

Apart from celebrating my husband Toby’s birthday, which was incredibly chilled out and fun, I had a pretty clunky week. If you haven’t read my About Me page, it has to be said that I did not win the Lottery when it comes to having normal family members (a few of us are cool, but we are outnumbered). Arguably, anyone can say this about their family. While this may be true, there are those days when I feel incredibly alone in the midst of my family’s dysfunction. It’s not almost comical. It is comical. How I wish that I could be like some food bloggers who take pictures of their children riding horses on the range (sigh), cooking beautiful meals step by step, then sitting down for supper with loving, supportive parents that cheer them on better than the cast of Glee. It ain’t me babe.  Taking this into consideration, I have built an arsenal of peaceful weaponry. When I am faced with my badass nemesis, Negativity, I bring out the big guns: My Buddhist paractice, ashtanga yoga four times a week (contemplating five), support from dear friends, the love from my husband Toby, his family, my son Jake, and [...]

Ratatouille Southern Style

A few years back, the kid’s blockbuster, “Ratatouille” hit the theatres worldwide. A huge promotion machine ensued, with film crews planted outside of theatres, asking the question, “can you pronounce the word ratatouille? Answers came flying in, and they tickled me to no end. Here are some of my favourites: “Erm, rata-ta-toil?,” or, “Oh heck, it’s about a rat, Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat!” My favorite, and closest, was a gentlemen that enthusiastically bellowed “Rat-tat-woooeeeeeee!!” as if he had slipped on a banana peel. Before we mentally meander on to how so many could not pronounce the word, it behooves us all to move on to the recipe. Oui!! This recipe has all of the elements of a classic ratatouille, with a southern twist. I have added sweet potato instead of white, brown muscovado sugar for an earthy sweetness, red pepper flakes for a kick, and a pinch of cinnamon for gentle flavor and aroma. This dish is wonderful served with my Spiced Couscous. If there are any leftovers the next day (good luck), you can also eat the ratatouille with sliced baguette, sopping up all the delicious juices. Ratatouille Southern Style 1 medium eggplant (aubergine) diced 1 cup carrots diced 1 sweet potato [...]

Linguine with Artichoke Hearts, Garlic, and Red Chili

As corny this sounds, I did a “Things that make you go Mmmmm” dance by the stove as I took a bite of this dish today. I’m talking a symphony of flavor in every mouthful. This is going to be my one of my new go-to recipes when I’m at a push for time. Twenty minutes to heaven ladies and gentlemen. Although this could be considered a light and summery dish, it’s a winner that I’ll be making all year ‘round.  The extra virgin olive oil in the sauce takes center stage in all of its fruity glory. It absolutely sings on your tongue. If you have a phobia of chilli, do not fret. By deseeding the chilli, you are taking away the powerful punch, and left with a mellow, warming bite. We had it for dinner this evening, and to be honest, I was more worried about what Jake would think of the artichokes. To my surprise, he gobbled up his dinner up in a heartbeat, then asked for more. Toby finished his meal and said,” it’s so good that it doesn’t need the artichokes!” Not exactly the response I was hoping for, but I still appreciate the enthusiasm. [...]

Vegetable Chow Mein

Stir-fried, chow mein noodles are a huge hit with our son Jake. So much so, that they are on the regular rotation of weekly menu planning  (organizing ahead saves us beaucoup bucks). I know I can’t be alone in struggling to find healthy meals that appeal to our children’s taste buds. It can take some strength to stay calm when you cook a lovely meal, then your child turns their nose up to it. All I can say is hoo-wee, deep breaths all around.  Jake is a bit of a crafty character at the dinner table, so meal times are on and off like a light switch. When Jake is on, he’s on in a big way, clearing his plate until it shines, but when he’s off, all systems are down baby. My husband Toby goes into his well-crafted routine (in a friendly, yet mildly exasperated tone), “Jake, look at this beautiful food Mother has made for us. We are so lucky that she cooks such nice meals. Come on honey, please, eat your food.” Now I agree with you: This is T.M.I. in a big way for a 3 year old. What is really going on here: As much as [...]