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Go Greens Juice

Let’s face it, this is not the sexiest juice in the world. Can anyone really be prepared for a drink that looks like the perfect shade of camouflage? I hear ya, I hear ya. The good news is that the benefits to those who are brave enough to get down with the green stuff are huge. It’s like lightening in a glass. Quite simply, green juice kicks ass. So let’s get into the perks of drinking raw and organic juice: Incredible energy, clear, soft, and supple skin. Check. Lustrous hair, and nails that grow faster. Check. Unlike green smoothies, green juice has less fiber, allowing the body to assimilate antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, oxygen, and protein, faster. Organic produce is fresh and natural, without any pesticides, sugar, or additives, beating synthetic vitamins and supplements hands down In a last ditch effort to soften the blow of drinking this foreign juice, here are a few snaps taken from our last hike around  Laurel Canyon…….   Green is good. Hey, ho, let’s go. Lovely Bones. Vibelicious view Camouflage anyone? What a lemon. Come on, let’s swing! Go Greens Juice 10 medium sized carrots handful of parsley with stems 5-6 leaves of kale half [...]

Canyon Chili

There’s nothing like a hearty chili to warm up your cockles on a rainy day. When the L.A. blue skies cloud over, I get a bit romantic, enjoying cups of tea and yearning for Merchant Ivory films (further evidence of my inner dork). The downside of infrequent foul weather is that I instantly throw on Annie Hall style flannel shirts, combats, and mooch around, not really in the mood to cook.  Before I give in to the impulse of driving to Erewhon or Whole Foods (my local quick fixes) to buy some veggie sushi, I scanned the shelves. What could I rustle up that doesn’t feel like an ordeal to prepare? Spotted in the fridge and cabinets: A half a block of tempeh, a tin of organic black beans, leftover short grain brown rice, half a can of organic tomato paste, fresh corn, a bag of organic carrots, and spices galore sitting in my cupboards. Reality check: By the time I got in the car, fought through the traffic, snibbled a parking spot, and shopped, I’d be done with my chili, saved gas, stress, and money to boot. I surprised myself by throwing it all together in 20 minutes. On [...]

Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

There is so much chaos in the world at the moment that I felt a need to keep things grounded and simple. Day to day, I have gone back to basics. I upped my Buddhist practice (chanting and studying) to keep the faith and stay clear, and have taken the time to feel deep gratitude for everything in my life: My loving husband and son, caring friends, food and clean water, and a roof over my head. Corny as it may sound, appreciating the basics has been so significant in making me a happier person. I find myself trying, now more than ever, to live for today. To really be in the moment, rather than thinking about what could happen next week or six months down the line.  So how in the hell does this tie into my blog post? Really, I haven’t a clue, except, when the world starts spinning a little too quickly, I cook. Within reason of course. If a disaster strikes, don’t trip, I will not be sauteeing, or flambeing in the kitchen. It’s as this simple as this: Linus has his security blanket, I have cooking.  This is a dreamy cheesecake. It’s so light and luscious, [...]

Healthy Mac and Cheese

As a child, Macaroni and Cheese was the side to serve with Fried Chicken and Kool Aid. When I made the life change to a healthier diet, all of this went out the window. I haven’t eaten a hamburger in twenty five years, or had Mac and Cheese in at least fifteen. It may seem strange, but when you start eating a clean diet, you just stop craving the bad stuff.  Even when I was pregnant, I surprised myself by having one junky craving, french fries, and that was only for a week.  In the last year, Mac and Cheese has become my son’s favorite side dish at preschool. I wondered if I could find a healthier version, so I tried rice pasta, white cheddar, and vegan options. Every time, Jake would take one bite and say, “Yuck, Mommy. Maria’s Macaroni and Cheese is much better.” You  know what happened next: I rolled up my sleeves and made my own from scratch.  Out with the old, in with the new: Organic brown rice flour and potato flour are new ingredients to me, but they turned out to be amazing substitutes for white flour. Surprisingly, they taste great, are healthier, not to [...]