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East West Salad

Cool and refreshing, the East West Salad is also remarkably filling, thanks to the addition of ginger-grilled tofu. For the best flavor, marinate the tofu overnight in the tangy ginger inflected soy sauce.  For my friends that are allergic to peanuts, I have substituted peanut butter for almond butter with incredible results. Macrobiotic and  vegan, with a high content of raw organic ingredients, this is a quick and easy recipe that will make you smile and your body glow with health. East West Salad with Sesame Dressing 4 cups napa cabbage, shredded 2 cups red cabbage, shredded 2 carrots, shredded 3 inch piece of daikon radish, julienned 4 cups ginger grilled tofu (recipe below) 1 cup Sesame Sauce (recipe below) sprinkle of gomasio (optional) Gingered Tofu: 1 12 oz pack of extra firm tofu 1/2 cup tamari sauce 1/4 cup brown rice vinegar 1/4 cup sesame oil thumb size piece of ginger, minced tbs canola oil 1. Whisk all the wet ingredients in a bowl. Toss the tofu in the sauce. Cover and chill for 3-4 hours, or better yet, overnight. 2. Preheat the oven to 400. Strain the tofu. Grease a baking sheet and lay the tofu on the sheet, grilling on [...]

Vanilla Almond Milk

I’ve been drinking almond milk for years, but to be honest, I’ve never really found “my brand.” Sometimes the vanilla flavor can taste a bit synthetic, it’s too sweet, or the texture is too thick or thin. O.k. o.k., so I’m a little A-type when it comes to my almond milk! The test of a great nut milk is whether it’s drinkable on it’s own. After years to searching, I thought it was time to make my own batch. The only reason I’ve been holding off for so long is the thought that it would  too complicated to make. Boy was I wrong. What I love about making almond milk is that you can gauge it exactly to suit your taste, and there’s no funky fillers to worry about. You can either uses a nut milk bag, or a fine sieve to strain out the nuts and spices. You can find nut milk bags at your nearest health food store, or buy them on Amazon (info below). I also created a Chai-flavored nut milk with chai spices I bought from my local Indian grocer. I have to say that I’m leaning to my chai flavor nut milk, but you decide! Feel [...]

Kale Salad

Phew, I almost missed the boat on this post. Hey kids, the week isn’t over, I’ve got an hour left! Seriously though, I’ve had the most incredibly busy week. Four final exams, plus this weekend I wrote one essay, revised another, studied for a math exam tomorrow, wrote this blog post, and more importantly, hung out with my 5 year-old son (La Brea Tar Pits. woo hoo.)!  I’m exhausted, but darn it I’m here! In my argumentation class this semester, I debated against discrimination for people with unhealthy lifestyles. What I found were some startling statistics: 35% of Americans are obese, which is a third of our population! The World Health Organization ranks The US 37th in the world’s health systems, and obesity-related health spending reached $147 billion this year. After taking the time to research the topic, I think it’s necessary to give you more than just recipes in the coming months. I won’t completely reveal my plans, but rest assured I’m on a mission to help people. Although I’m dog-tired, I feel energized and invigorated by the idea of sharing information to make us all have happier lives. Just this week I had a wonderful conversation with one of [...]

A Cup of Tea for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Why the heck am I sharing a tea recipe ? To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee of course! Toby, Jake, and I watched the wet and windy celebrations on the BBC this morning, and I have to say I’m constantly amazed at how nothing can dampen (no pun intended) the spirits of the British. Cucumber sandwiches, tea, biscuits, and Victoria Sponge were served in torrential rain. Royalists flanking the river Thames smiled from ear to ear, waving Union Jack flags cocooned in foul weather gear. Royal artists commissioned to paint the scene of the Queen and Co. on the Royal barge were protected by red, white, and blue umbrellas, but their canvases took on a fuzzy, impressionistic slant due to the excess moisture. Oh, England. How I love thee. Earl Grey Tea enough boiled, filtered water to fill a tea cup 1 earl grey tea bag organic soy milk (or try dairy, almond, or oat milk) tsp agave syrup  (raw honey, organic sugar) 1. Put the kettle on (or a pan of water) to boil. Pour into a tea cup. Add the tea bag and steep for 2 minutes (or 3 if you like it very strong). Remove the tea [...]